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Service Projects

Client: RINA Consulting SpA

Turbidity Currents geohazards offshore Mozambique – Phase 2

This project seeks to quantify the met-ocean conditions that lead to turbidity current triggering using 1.5D and 3D numerical models coupling near-shore circulation with deepwater turbidity flow models. The study area is subject to cyclones and monsoon storms that generate strong winds, waves and currents capable of triggering turbidity currents that could potentially impact the […]

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Client: Rina Consulting Spa

Integrated coastal and deepwater modelling offshore Mozambique

This project involves building a detailed coastal circulation model to understand triggering conditions at the head of a submarine canyon offshore Mozambique and the detailed 3D numerical modelling of turbidity currents to evaluate the potential impact to the subsea components of a planned deepwater development. The results of the project are not yet public.

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Client: RINA Consulting SpA

Turbidity Currents geohazards offshore Mozambique – Phase 1

This project involves the geological analysis of seabed data including cores and high-resolution bathymetry to evaluate the history of recent turbidity current activity offshore Mozambique and the potential risks for planned offshore installations. The project represents the first phase of studies as part of the overall risk assessment in support of a large deepwater development […]

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Research Projects

SedPluCS: Sediment Plume dispersion on the Continental Shelf

Integrated weather, waves and currents to investigate the dispersion of sediment plumes on coastal and shelf areas associated with dredging and dumping activities. This is a research initiative of WWS, contact us if you are interested in sponsoring this program


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