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Innovative Environmental Modelling for Submarine Geohazards, Geological Modelling and Renewable Energies.

Desert sand and water

Weather Water Sand (WWS) is an innovative start-up company founded in 2021 as a Spin-Off from the University of Genova by a group of professionals with several years of environmental modelling experience in academia and industry.

WWS provides innovative numerical modelling services for the entire spectrum of natural flows, including winds, waves, littoral and tidal currents, rivers and submarine gravity flows with applications to renewable energy projects, oil and gas developments and environmental projects on land and offshore.

Our experts use advanced atmospheric, hydraulic and sediment transport models with applications to:

Risk quantification associated with geologic hazards.

High resolution geologic models for oil and gas and carbon sequestration reservoirs.

Advanced weather forecasts for renewable energy projects.

The services we offer have in common the application of physics-based, advanced numerical computation techniques that describe the motion of the air and water masses and the associated sediment transport. We aim to provide high-quality numerical modelling solutions of natural processes for:

  • Predicting the forces associated with the flow of fluids and their potential impact on engineering structures and the natural environment.
  • Predicting the transport of sediment associated with natural flows, the spatial distribution of sediment removal by erosion, and the spatial patterns of sedimentary deposits.
  • Predicting the physical characteristics of modern and ancient deposits using numerical simulation techniques.
  • Providing the best deterministic/statistical predictions for the natural flows used as renewable energy sources in all areas of the world, with applications to economic evaluations for new and existing renewable energy projects, including wind, tidal, hydro-electric and solar.
  • Evaluating the triggering processes of submarine flow events (e.g., turbidity currents, landslides) and the likelihood of occurrence over short to long time scales (10’s to 1000’s of years).

November 21, 2023

PhD sponsored by WWS at the University of Genoa

WWS and the Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA) at the University of Genoa, Italy, are seeking a PhD candidate for the Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Engineering program. The selected candidate will be funded by the innovative start-up company Weather Water Sand WWS is proud to announce the sponsoring of a PhD scholarship […]

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August 22, 2023

Post-Doc opportunity at the University of Genoa (Italy)

The Department of Civil, Chemical and Environmental Engineering (DICCA) at the University of Genoa, Italy, is seeking a dynamic and motivated Post-Doctoral student to collaborate on a project to investigate the interaction between natural flows and submarine cables/pipelines using numerical modelling of fluid flow and sediment transport funded by the innovative start-up company Weather Water […]

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